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    NPM hair tattoo / HFS simulation hair follicle technology /Hairline Embroidery is very similar to the eyebrow, it belongs to "semi-permanent surgery"

    3-5 years after tattooing - visually thick hair

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    NPM brand Hong Kong, Singapore, China general agent
    (Asian hair tattoo instructor started in 2014)
    【Beware of Counterfeiting】、【Beware of Counterfeiting】、【Beware of Counterfeiting】
  • WE first to mix the three different SCALP TATTOO technologies on the market [NPM-Hair follicles simulation - Micropigmentation] [SMP- Scalp Micropigmentation] [Hairline Embroidery]

    The NPM-HFS (Hair Follicle Simulation) Technology was developed by produced in Israel.. It was invented (PCT Patent No. 61-561,949) as an additional part of permanent make up system using state-of-art technology to perfect a youthful, fresh appearence and impressive solution to balding, thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women., is the most advanced hair tattoo treatment notarized among similar products in the world

  • M forehead 2 sides
    Single + RE-Color SGD$1100 / Single SGD$650

    M forehead 2 sides + hairline
    Single + RE-Color SGD$1200 /   Single SGD$700

    Single + RE- Color SGD$1100 /   Single SGD$650 (Slim)

    Single + RE-Color SGD$1600 / Single SGD$950 (Large)


    SKIN HEAD Men's half head 2 positions ( hairline + top of the head)
    Single +RE-Color SGD$1700 / Single SGD$1000

    SKIN HEAD Men 's half head 3 positions ( hairline + top of head + back of head )
    Single + RE-Color SGD$2300 / Single SGD$1300

    SKIN HEAD Men's full head 
    Single + RE-Color SGD$2500 / Single SGD$1500


    Female hair loss
    Hairline + Top of head + Back of head
    Single + RE-Color SGD$2500 Single SGD$1500

    Full head 
    Single + RE-Color SGD$3000 Single SGD$2000



    Customers must clearly understand the contraindications of hair tattooing, and clearly and abide by the following precautions.

    1. I am sure that I do not have these problems on my body: skin cancer patients, hemophilia, leukemia, pregnant women, viral infections, scar constitution, etc., high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, pigment sensitivity, scar hyperplasia, mental problems, nervousness , emotional problems. These guests cannot have hair tattoos. If you have other medical problems, please list:

    2. I clearly and understand that people who take medicine for a long time cannot tattoo their hair (except for maintenance food). If so please specify:

    3. I clearly and understand that for four days after the tattoo, do not drink alcohol, sauna, exercise, sun exposure, or swimming.

    4. I clearly and understand that the location of the tattoo should not touch water or use chemicals (such as shampoo, facial cleanser, hair styling supplies, etc.) for four days. We provide DRY SHAMPOO for free, and you cannot use the spray-packed DRY SHAMPOO. Keep dry.

    5. I clearly and understand that 20 days after the completion of the tattoo, I can haircut, dye my hair, perform a treatment on the head, or use the serum on the head. If there are other special circumstances, please specify and confirm:


    6. I clearly understand and understand that tattooing is not a surgery, but a pigment tattoo on the scalp.

    7. I clearly understand and understand that tattooing will not cause hair to grow, and hair with hair loss problems will still fall out naturally.


    8. I clearly understand and understand that there will be small wounds at the location of the tattoo (please refer to item 3.4.5 for maintenance), and there will be slight pain, redness and other reactions (it will disappear 2-3 hours after the tattoo is completed). (The situation varies from person to person)

    9. I clearly understand and understand that about 7-10 days from the day of the tattoo, there will be eggplant knots, darkening, peeling, and peeling at the location of the tattoo. This is called the , which must be passed. . (The length of time for each person depends on the skin type)

    10. I clearly understand and understand that from the day of the tattoo to half a month, there will be local itching at the location of the tattoo (the situation varies from person to person), and we will provide a repair cream for free.

    11. I clearly understand and understand that each person with different skin types will have different coloring conditions.