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    All types of hair loss can be treated

  • What is a NPM hair tattoo ?

    Internationally referred to as SMP, the full English name is Scalp Micro Pigmentation (NPM-HFS ), which is a technology that uses special pigments to color the epidermis of the scalp skin .

    • It can be solved in just a few hours, baldness, alopecia areata, thinning hair, scar repair, hair transplant scar repair, immediate, one-step, to achieve the effect of hair loss area masquerading as thick hair.
    • Instantly thickens the top of the head, it is simple and seamless, no care is required, and it looks like a short flat or inch head has just been cut.

    NPM​ Follicle Simulation Technology (HFS)

    NPM hair tattoo experts mainly mix the three major hair tattooing techniques on the market

    NPM​ Follicle Simulation Technology (HFS) / Semi Permanent Hairline Tattoo / SMP scalp micropigmentation

    • Go to work on the same day, no impact on daily life
    • Any type of hair loss can be treated
    • Instant results, no need to mask with hair black powder
    • Can exercise, swim, not afraid of wind and rain
    • No surgery, no downtime
    Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) singapore

    3-5 years after tattooing - visually thick hair


    NPM hair tattooing/HFS simulation hair follicle technology / hairline /hairline is very similar to eyebrow lift. It belongs to "semi-permanent surgery" and can be maintained for 3-5 years.
    Ms. ZA introduced the world's exclusive patented technology ~ NPM (Israel) hair follicle simulation technology HFS (patent registration number 61-561-949), NPM international quality inspection report

    NPM Hairline - Scalp Simulation Hair Follicle Technology (HFS) / Hairline is a technology that uses pigment to color the scalp skin. After the coloring is completed, it looks like a hair follicle.
    Through the patented scalp roller (a cluster of 56 needles on the roller) exclusively developed by NPM Israel. By moving the rollers on the scalp, small pigmented spots that resemble hair follicles are formed.
    Using specially designed pigments and application methods to create the most realistic hair simulation effect, it is currently recognized as the most advanced treatment among similar products in the world.
  • How to make an appointment for tattoo service/inquire about the details of the tattoo?


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    All types of hair loss can be dealt with - baldness / hairline / baldness / mediterranean / hair spin / female hair loss / male hair loss


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